Dr. Chris Hill’s Statement on Lafayette:

Just four days after commemorating 13 lives lost in the Aurora, Colorado theatre shooting, I received the news that a devastatingly similar tragedy occurred less than an hour ago in a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana.

We are praying and will continue to pray for the victims and the family members of the victims of this baffling, familiar tragedy.

Many of our church members have traveled the varying stages of grief caused by being invaded in a sacred place for the imagination, three years ago on July 20.

As citizens of Aurora and the Denver region, this tragedy truly strikes home for us.

With the unfortunate benefit of prior experience, we are standing in prayer and support to assist the grieving and ones who must counsel the grieving, in any way that we can.

While we understand this is a difficult day for families and the Lafayette community, we’d rather them not do this alone.

Dr. Chris Hill, Senior Pastor of the Potter’s House of Denver