What is Hill Communications?

The Hill Communications Group (HCG) serves as the global umbrella corporation that encompasses all the Kingdom Enterprises that God has given to the Hill Family – both collectively and individually.

Through HCG we seek to give expression to all the different gifts and talents that God has placed inside of our family – both our biological Family and our Spiritual family.

We work to Communicate a clear inspirational message of Life, Hope and Empowerment through the vehicles of music, writing, speaking, seminars, movies, philanthropy, service industry, micro-manufacturing, webinars, publishing, fashion design, sporting events, and executive consulting/coaching.

HCG then also becomes a tangible bridge where we can effectively partner with both sacred and secular organizations to effect positive kingdom impact in people’s lives on both a national and international basis.

Together we are communicating the message of the Kingdom from the Valley to the Hilltops.